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There are few people (or maybe even none) who are not concerned about their careers, both: job and educational, which for some means the same. If you were looking for some good tips on what topics are good for career research paper, how to write a thesis statement, introduction and conclusion then this article is just what you need. We know that writing is difficult and academic paper writing is ten times more difficult because it requires much research, writing skills and knowledge on how to format your script.

Depending on the topic, there are several types of research papers you might be assigned to write

Career development research paper

Career exploration research paper

Career choice research paper

Career planning paper

As you can see, one single goal may be viewed from very different angles, so your researched should be done in such a way to answer the questions of the introductory part and to help you with supporting and argumentation of your thesis statement, which too should go in the paper’s introduction.

Below are some general career research paper guidelines you can use:

Learn how to format the paper correctly before you start writing

Brainstorm and note down your ideas – do prewriting

Try several thesis statements and choose the one that best expresses your position on the matter

Do you best to avoid sentences that are too general and are to supported with citations

Keep your introduction paragraph short, short enough to explain why the topics is important and what questions you are going to answer in your paper

Write an outline prior to writing the research paper

Use research paper examples to get inspiration for writing and ideas

Cite your career research paper assignment properly

Be advised that there are several citation styles

Proofread and edit your script before submission

Research paper writing includes the following steps

Choosing a topic

Information search

Writing a thesis statement

Building a good outline

Notes organization

Writing the very first draft

Outline and draft revision

Writing the final version of the paper

Immature writers do many mistakes in paper formatting, information presentation and even in putting all the part together. In order to write a good research paper, you should know what you shouldn’t do when working on your script.

Forget about logic and common sense

Don’t think about the goals and questions of your career paper

Put the text in a wrong format or don’t format the script at all

Copy the as much text as you can from journal, websites and other sources and don’t cite them Submit your scrip without proofreading and editing, the tutor will not notice all the typos and grammar issues

We also recommend reading good sample career papers to get a better idea and learn how to write good papers. Alternatively you may content expert writers to give you a hand with creating an outstanding college or university research paper assignment.