What should you know about Education and its Types? Interesting facts

Education and its Types

The concept of education is quite complex. Education is a process and the result of the systematic acquiring of knowledge, skills and abilities.  An educated person is the one:

  • who has general ideas, principles and methods that determine the general approach to the consideration of various facts and phenomena;
  • who has a high level of specific skills, the ability to apply the acquired knowledge to as many cases as possible;
  • who has received a lot of knowledge and, in addition, can quickly and correctly apply them in a particular case;

Consequently, the notion of education implies not only to knowledge, skills and abilities as a result of learning, but also to the ability to think critically, to create, to evaluate from the moral point of view all the surrounding.

You have to remember that education is not just visiting classes and listening to your teachers, it goes beyond that. It is outside your school. I would like to represent the types of education, namely Formal, Informal and non-formal. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Formal education

What do we know about formal educationFormal education it is the basic knowledge that we get in school. Children may go to the kindergarten or nursery, but, usually, formal education starts in the elementary school. Then children go to the secondary school as a part of formal education. They learn different subjects, develop their critical thinking, writing skills.  The next stage is college or university. An important period in students’ lives, as ir determines their future. Very often students have to do multiple tasks, studying, work, family and friend so they use custom writing service to make their time in college or university easier.  The peculiarity of the formal education is that it has strict rules, discipline, and certain set of rules. The teachers are qualified and cooperate with the students to teach them academic base and to increase student’s knowledge.

Informal education

Informal education is everything we learn from the things that surround us.  It is not deliberate or planned. It is not given by any institutions like college or school. When your parent taught you how to cook some meal it is the informal education. When you read some article it is important education as well.  You get from your life’s experiences and actual living in society and community.

Children consume information from everywhere. There are a lot of ways to help your children to get some useful information, for example, using different apps for learning.

Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education includes adult literacy education or school equivalency preparation and adult basic education. It can be individualized education, distant learning, computer assisted programs and others.  This type of education should be designed for a homogeneous group. Its assignment is to serve to the needs of certain group.

Remember that education is important is your life, not only formal. Combine different types of studying and improve your knowledge.