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Sometimes, we all need professional assistance in understanding certain subjects or improving skills in particular areas. School or college students, university students, graduates, job seekers or even entrepreneurs look for available courses or training programs to broaden their knowledge. Recently, we’ve found out that Khan Academy is a nice learning resource for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a non-profit organization, aimed at delivering free online study courses for all visitors.

If you go to the Khan Academy’s website, you will find plenty of courses on almost every subject. For you to know more about the company, we suggest you read the following piece of information.

What Khan Academy is and How Does it Work?

Khan Academy is a brand-new learning platform, where you’ll definitely find something for yourself. This educational website offers many study courses, video lessons, instructions, and practice exercises on different subjects. It is an effective online guide that will provide you with sufficient academic or writing help. Below, you will find a list of categories and related subjects available at Khan Academy.

  1. Math

No matter whether you start learning math, or just have difficulty in several topics, you should choose the Math category. It contains many courses, including Early Math, Pre-algebra, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry, Precalculus and Calculus, Linear algebra, Statistics & Probability, etc.

  1. Computing

We all understand the value of information technologies nowadays, so does the Khan Academy. On the website, you will encounter several computing courses that will help you learn coding or animation. These are Computer science, Computer animation, Computer Programming, and Hour of Code.

  1. Economics and Finances

Want to learn the basics of financial management? At Khan Academy, you will have an opportunity to study Economics and Finances. This category includes such subjects as Entrepreneurship, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Finance & capital markets.

  1. Science and Engineering

The Science and Engineering category consists of the following subjects: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Health & Medicine, Cosmology & Astronomy, Electrical engineering, and others.

  1. Arts and Humanities

Not only the exact sciences but also courses on humanities are available at Khan Academy. You are able to gain knowledge in arts and humanities within a short period of time. The category includes Art, History, and Music, but you can also choose World History or improve your grammar and writing skills.

The Benefits of Learning at Khan Academy

As mentioned earlier, Khan Academy offers effective free of charge lessons, which means it provides students, teachers and distance learners with free and decent education. A person applying for a course on the website won’t have to pay any extra money for the subscription. This is because the staff at Khan Academy is a team of ambitious and intelligent specialists who volunteer for giving sufficient academic assistance with various subjects.

Furthermore, this learning dashboard is easy-to-use, you just need to select your subject and study course. Then, provide your personal information to register your own account. After that, you’re free to use instructional lessons, video guides, and exercises to improve your knowledge.

In addition, the resources at Khan Academy are translated into more than 36 languages, for instance, French, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, etc. With only one click, you get a version in your native language so that it contributes to convenience in your studying.