Synthesis Essay Writing

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A significant number of essays written by scholars are synthesis essays. A synthesis research paper is one which is written with a mixture of different ideas which are linked on the essay paper. The ideas are obtained from various sources to be brought together through the essay.

Such a research paper may be based on anything. The student is only required to write according to the respective prompts. Examiners and tutors ask for this type of essay to evaluate students’ abilities to research widely on different subjects and link them together. For the student on the other hand, writing such a paper is a good learning experience.

Composing a synthesis essay involves three crucial steps:

Finding reputable sources of information

Copy writing the information to the essay

Referencing and proofreading the entire essay

Finding Reputable Sources of Information

Since a synthesis essay is a mixture of different topics which are connected, one has to research widely on them. Each point and idea raised in the paper has to be referenced to a particular source. Sadly, some students do not know where to obtain reliable information to include in the essay. The reliability of a source needs to be evaluated before you obtain any information from it. It is also advisable to confirm with your tutor on the acceptable sources to obtain information.

Due to the current development of the World Wide Web, most of the students rely on search engines for information. One should however, not rely on just any of the results displayed, regardless of how they conform to the prompts. Commercial websites for example, are an example of websites which students are consistently advised to avoid looking for information. One should also not go to blogs and new sites which have not yet been accredited as reliable information centers. Educational websites are the best places you can get information for writing a synthesis essay. Additionally, you can also rely on books written by already established writers.

Copy Writing the Information to the Essay

Each student should be knowledgeable on how to research and write. There is a clear distinctive line between plagiarism and copy writing. After researching, one should not simply copy paste the information to his essay. The research source is only meant to help you come up with ideas and put them in your own words. One should therefore study the research material and compose text which relates to it.

Anything which is copied directly should be quoted. In fact, it is advisable to sample a few quotes from reputable individuals to strengthen your argument. However, avoid putting many quotes since that would make your paper extremely unoriginal.

Referencing and Proofreading the Entire Essay

Although you may have put the researched ideas in your own words, it is important to reference them accordingly. Use the required referencing style and link all the post all the references to your references page. Finally, proofread the essay and ensure that the format, outline and grammar is correct.